How Expert Medical Testimony & Auto Accidents Can Help Your Lawsuit

Medical records and police reports play really large roles in your auto accident lawsuit. However, expert medical testimony above and beyond that is also helpful, if not essential, to proving that some of your injuries were the result of the force and velocity with which you were hit. If you consult with an auto accident lawyer soon after your auto accident, he or she might refer you to medical experts and forensic science experts so that enough data to support your case may be collected and analyzed.

Can You Sue For A Video Game Addiction?

According to the latest statistics, about 155 million Americans play video games on a regular basis. Although the majority don't experience any issues with them, a small percentage do develop an addiction to video games that have led to them spending thousands of hours in front of a computer screen and even dying in some cases. Many victims of this disease and/or their family members have wondered if it was possible to hold game developers responsible for this outcome.

Icy Sidewalks: Is It Possible To Recover Compensation After Slipping And Falling?

With winter rapidly approaching, icy sidewalks are going to be a major concern for pedestrians. Although some people will try to stay inside until the ice thaws, not everyone is able to do this. If you have to get out of your home and you end up slipping and falling on an icy sidewalk, which causes you to suffer an injury, is it possible to file a lawsuit and recover financial remuneration for your injuries?

5 Ways Car Drivers Cause Truck Accidents

Any traffic accident is bad news, but the consequences can be especially serious when a commercial truck is involved. Because trucks are heavy and can be hard to manuever, truck accidents often cause injury or even death. Would you be surprised to hear that many truck accidents are the fault of people driving cars? An article in CCJ Digital cites the American Truckers Association as stating that 80 percent of trucking accidents are caused by people driving cars.

Three Common Injuries You May Get Even In A Safe Office Environment

Workers' compensation attorneys aren't just for zookeepers, astronauts, and other professions with high levels of risk. Employees who have relatively safe desk jobs in an office can also suffer injuries that prevent work, cause medical bills, and in other ways completely blow your budget, as well as causing a lot of pain. In fact, office employees are often subject injuries caused by repetitive motion or by tripping over objects left in walkways, among other things.