Three Common Injuries You May Get Even In A Safe Office Environment

Workers' compensation attorneys aren't just for zookeepers, astronauts, and other professions with high levels of risk. Employees who have relatively safe desk jobs in an office can also suffer injuries that prevent work, cause medical bills, and in other ways completely blow your budget, as well as causing a lot of pain. In fact, office employees are often subject injuries caused by repetitive motion or by tripping over objects left in walkways, among other things. Here are three types of injuries you should watch out for if you work at a desk job in an office.

1. Strain

Typing, especially with poor posture, can lead to wrist strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Whether your wrist strain is caused by the clunky old keyboards you employer provides or whether your own posture is to blame, you can receive the same consideration for workers' compensation insurance. You can try to prevent this type of strain by using ergonomic keyboards, adopting good posture, and using wrist braces. Eye strain is also a potential problem among employees who work at computer stations, and can cause debilitating headaches, blurry vision, and other eye problems.

2. Back problems

Mass-produced chairs can never ideally meet the needs of every single uniquely shaped human. If your chair creates poor posture or forces you to work at an uncomfortable angle, back pain can be the result. Try altering the angle or height of your chair and if that doesn't help, try using a lumbar support cushion or other addition to improve your posture. Back pain can also be caused by lifting when done incorrectly, as well as by bending and other seemingly innocuous activities.

3. Falls

Falls are the most popular way for office employees to injure themselves. In fact, the office is two-and-a-half times likelier to be the site of a disabling fall than any of your other hangouts. This means that either office workers wear perilously tall heels, or there are hidden dangers that often go unnoticed. The office hazards that allow these statistics include leaving things in the aisle for people to trip on, climbing on top of chairs with wheels, stringing cords across walkways, and walking on slippery surfaces. Watch where you're going and choose safer, non-heeled shoes to reduce your chances of a fall.

As you can see, even safe desk jobs can lend themselves to the possibility of injuring yourself on the job. This is why it's always a good idea to have the contact information of an experienced workers' compensation attorney like Dennis Kenny Atty in case you find yourself with a work-related injury.