How Expert Medical Testimony & Auto Accidents Can Help Your Lawsuit

Medical records and police reports play really large roles in your auto accident lawsuit. However, expert medical testimony above and beyond that is also helpful, if not essential, to proving that some of your injuries were the result of the force and velocity with which you were hit. If you consult with an auto accident lawyer soon after your auto accident, he or she might refer you to medical experts and forensic science experts so that enough data to support your case may be collected and analyzed. Here is how the experts' testimony can help your lawsuit.

Assert That Certain Injuries Were the Result of the Other Driver's Actions

Some injuries may come into question during the course of your lawsuit. Many times the other driver and his/her lawyer may assert that an abrasion you had on your hand (or other injury on another body part) was already present at the time of the accident. The medical expert can testify whether or not such an abrasion could be caused by placing your hands out in front of to brace for impact from the other driver, and that such an injury is rightfully included in your case. Similarly, more extreme injuries, such as dislocated joints, cuts, sprains/strains and lacerations can be proven to be part of the accident, and only previous medical records, remodeling of bones, different discolorations of contusions, and old scabs on wounds can disprove your claims.

Verify the Speed of the Collision and Results of Impact

A forensics expert can testify to the speed of the collision and the results and possible outcomes of impact. When you sustain injuries that fit with the forensic expert's testimony, it validates your claim and the expectations of your lawsuit. The evidence by the forensics expert and the medical expert is irrefutable, and the other driver's lawyer will have a very difficult time proving the expert testimony as wrong, invalid or inaccurate.

Expert witnesses strengthen your claim. You may need them if there is any suggestion whatsoever by the other driver and/or his/her lawyer that your lawsuit is anything but legitimate. It is very rare that you would need such testimony, and more often than not you would need expert testimony when you are arguing a lawsuit with your insurance company and not the other driver in the case. For more information, contact local law firms like Zavodnick, Perlmutter & Boccia LLC.