3 Safety Tips For Motorcyclists To Take Seriously

After being involved in a motorcycle accident, many motorcyclists assume that the driver at fault will pay for the damages to the bike, as well as any injuries the motorcyclist has suffered. The problem with this is that it is not always the case. Motorcyclists are often found partially negligent, if not fully negligent, for motorcycle accidents simply because they were not taking the correct safety measures to prevent the accident in the first place.

Two Workers' Compensation Mistakes That Can Cause A Claim Denial

Some jobs are more dangerous than others, but that does not mean that you should ever expect to be injured on the job. According to OSHA and the federal government, your employer must provide you with a safe and healthful workplace. If you do become injured, then you are most likely eligible for workers' compensation. Your employer must have workers' compensation insurance as long as more than five people work for the business, and this insurance is used to pay for injuries, illnesses, and lost wages that are caused by an incident that happened at work.

Faqs About Auto Accident Injuries That Are Not Immediately Evident

After an auto accident, your injuries will play a significant role in how much compensation you can  receive for damages. Some injuries, such as broken bones, are immediately evident, but others might take time to be noticed. If you suffered an injury that was detected until days or longer after the accident, here is what you need to know.  Will the Insurance Company Refuse to Pay?  If you discovered injuries in the days, weeks, or months following the accident, it can sometimes be difficult to prove to the insurance company they were directly related to the accident.

Two Things To Consider Before Accepting A Structured Settlement

Although many people get a lump sum payment when they settle their auto accident lawsuit, sometimes the option to get a structured settlement is put on the table. With a structured settlement, your money is given to you in payments over a negotiated period of time. While there are many benefits to accepting this offer, such as long-term income and some tax advantages, there are some disadvantages too. Here are two things you should consider before agreeing to a structured settlement.

How Product Liability Can Be The Fault Of The Manufacturer, Designer Or Marketer

If you sustain and injury because of a product that you used as intended, there are a number of individuals or companies that may be responsible for your injuries. Product liability can fall on the manufacturer, the designer, and even the marketing company. An injury can be caused because a product is designed poorly, the manufacturer made a mistake while making the product, or the marketing company didn't label the product correctly.