3 Legal Options Auto Accident Attorneys Will Help You Pursue If You Collide with a Recalled Vehicle

Recalls are a common occurrence, whether it's for a toy, a product, or foodstuff. They're done in the interest of the general public and consumer safety. And, just like any other products, vehicles can be recalled for safety reasons. They could be having design problems or other issues that can risk your life. If you crash with a recalled vehicle, you should seek auto accident attorney services. The attorneys will pursue the right legal options and get you the highest financial award you deserve. Here are three options they'll guide you through. 

Establishing the Cause of the Crash

Immediately after a crash, it's important to establish the cause. Without this information, seeking reimbursement can be challenging. Even worse, trying to find this information yourself may be challenging if you're not a legal professional or are reeling in shock and pain. That's why it's a good idea to let a lawyer handle this for you. These professionals can interview witnesses, review police reports, and take photos or videos to establish how the collision occurred. They can also bring reconstructionists to the scene to piece together what transpired. These useful details will enable them to develop a strong argument on your behalf and increase your chances of getting you the money you're entitled to.

Determining Liability

In a collision involving a recalled vehicle, multiple parties could be liable for the losses that you've incurred. For example, if the crash was caused by a malfunctioning part in the other driver's vehicle, the manufacturer could be held responsible. If the recall notice wasn't properly communicated to the dealership, they can be responsible for your losses. In some cases, the operator of the defective car could also be at fault, especially if they knew about the recall and failed to heed to it. A lawyer can investigate the circumstances of your case and determine who the responsible parties are. Once they identify them, they'll take legal action against them and ensure you're reimbursed.

Assisting With Medical Attention

After a crash, you should seek treatment immediately, even if you don't think you've been injured. It's not uncommon for injuries to take a day or two to present themselves, and by then it may be too late to seek medical care. A skilled attorney can help you get the medical attention you need and ensure that your bills are covered. They know doctors and hospitals in the area that will assess your injuries and record them. 

If your injuries have been caused as a result of a collision with a recalled vehicle, contact an auto accident attorney immediately. These lawyers will investigate the incident, tell you which legal option is the best, and fight for your rights.