Legal Help After Slipping On The Stairs At An Apartment Complex

Were you visiting someone who lives on the second story of an apartment complex and fell down the stairs after leaving? If the fall left you with a broken limb or another injury that interfered with your ability to work, the incident should not be taken lightly. Unless it was your own fault that you fell down the stairs, you might have the right to file a lawsuit for your injury. For example, if the incident happened because you slipped on a step that was uneven or damaged, the owner of the apartment complex might be at fault. Speak to a lawyer about the slip and fall incident, as they can provide legal assistance to hold the complex owner financially liable.

How the Injury Affected Your Overall Wellbeing

At the time of the incident, how far up were you when you began walking down the stairs? If you suffered an injury that involved broken bones after the fall, discuss how it affected your life when you consult with a lawyer. For example, explain how the injury affected your ability to bathe without assistance, work, or exercise. Even if your mental health was affected after the fall, you have the right to file a lawsuit. How the injury affected your life in general is an important aspect of the lawsuit.

Assessing the Condition of the Stairs

Did the distance between the step and the ground play a role in the severity of your injury? If the owner of the apartment complex allowed a step that was high up on the stairs to go without repairs, it proves that he or she is negligent. You still have a case if the step is located at the bottom of the stairs, but slipping on a higher step causes greater injuries. A lawyer will visit the apartment complex in question to assess the condition of the stairs you were walking down. For example, he or she will determine if the step is uneven or broken and take photographs as evidence.

Attempting to Negotiate with the Complex Owner

After sufficient evidence has been gathered, an attempt to negotiate with the apartment complex owner will be made. The reason negotiating is considered before going to court is because a faster settlement might be reached. However, if the apartment owner refuses to negotiate or does not offer a fair settlement, a lawyer will fight for your rights via court.

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