Taking Legal Action After An Attack By A Neighbor's Dog

Were you visiting a neighbor's home when their dog suddenly attacked and caused you a serious injury? Did you lose your friendship over the incident because your neighbor does not want to be held liable for the expenses involved with getting medical treatment? If you do not know how to handle the situation because your neighbor has stopped talking to you, speak to an attorney who works on cases involving dog bites. An attorney can take several steps to get the money that you need for your injury. They will also understand that you need the money in a timely manner, which is why attempting to settle the case with your neighbor will be a top priority.

Contacting Your Neighbor About the Incident

Before an attorney can decide how to move forward with settling your legal dispute, they will inform your neighbor about your claim. For example, an attorney might attempt calling your neighbor, but will also send legal documents via the mail. Depending on how your neighbor responds to the attorney, it will be possible for insurance information to be obtained. However, if your neighbor does not have insurance that covers a dog bite, an attorney will discuss a settlement that your neighbor must pay out of pocket. Keep in mind that you must provide proof of the dog bite and medical expenses before an attorney can move forward with your case.

Filing a Claim with Your Neighbors Insurance Provider

If your neighbor's home is covered under a homeowners insurance policy, it is likely that dog bites are included. An attorney can file a claim with the insurance company on your behalf and handle all correspondence that takes place. A beneficial aspect of hiring an attorney to speak to the insurance company is that your case will be taken seriously. If the insurance company does not agree to a settlement that the attorney feels is fair, they will ask for a higher amount of money. However, if the insurance company is only liable for claims up to a specific amount of money, the rest of the money you deserve will have to come from your neighbor.

Going to Trial if a Reasonable Settlement Isn't Reached

If your neighbor refuses to settle your claim, an attorney will file documents to take the case to trial. However, they will do everything possible to keep things cordial with your neighbor by attempting to set up mediation sessions. In the end, you can count on an attorney to do their best to obtain the money you deserve no matter how the claim is settled. 

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