Birth Defects Are Financially Devastating

Birth defects commonly occur, and there is often little that you can do about it. This can make you feel powerless. You may have no idea how to take care of your child financially in these moments, which may lead you to file a lawsuit.

If you are interesting in filing a birth defect lawsuit, this is what you need to know.

First, Understand Birth Defects

Birth defects, which range from mild to severe, can leave lasting implications for a baby. This is especially the case if your child is impacted by ailments of the brain, heart, lungs, or limbs. All of this can impact your child's future and leave you with medical bills.

Birth defect lawsuits can be filed if your child has a birth defect and you think that negligence or recklessness were to blame for the circumstances. You can sue on behalf of your child to ensure that your child receives the care they need for the rest of their lives.

Know Which Types of Birth Defects You Can Sue For

Birth defects typically become apparent in the first year of a child's life. In some cases, they can be identified before the child is even born. Diagnostic procedures are part of diagnosing birth defects of all kinds.

One common defect relates to neural tube issues. These issues stem from damage to the spine, spinal cord, and brain. These conditions can be life-threatening and can worsen over time.

Other issues stem from heart defects, cerebral palsy, and other issues that can often be prevented by a doctor who is knowledgeable and experienced. There are many issues for which you can pursue a case, but it helps to speak with a birth defect attorney ahead of time.

Causes of Birth Defects

There are many different causes of birth defects, some of which can be associated with a medical professional's recklessness or negligence. For example, a doctor may fail to perform a necessary C-section in time. You may also find that a doctor prescribed a medication to you that was not necessarily to take while you were pregnant, like SSRIs, retinoids, and opioids.

Some of the issues may be environmental, associated with radiation, mercury, or arsenic. These types of cases can also bring about a lawsuit against the party that exposed your child to this substance.

Talk to a Birth Defect Attorney

A birth defect attorney can also help you through the process of getting the help you need to take on a case. Your child deserves to be compensated for their injuries and future medical care. For more information on birth defect law, consult with an attorney in your area to learn more.