It May Be Necessary To Take Legal Action Against Your Own Car Insurance Company In These Situations

Your car insurance company is typically an ally when you've been in an accident, but there are several circumstances in which you might not be pleased with how this relationship has changed. While you might think about switching insurance providers sometime in the near future, a more pressing question is whether you should pursue legal action against your insurance provider. It's smart to spend some time talking to an auto accident attorney to outline your experiences so that he or she can affirm whether you're indeed in a good position to sue. Here are some times that this lawsuit may be necessary.

The Company Is Assigning Blame To You

After a car accident, the police will investigate to determine which driver was at fault. If the police investigation reveals that the other motorist involved in your accident was the one who caused it, this doesn't necessarily mean that you're in the clear as far as complications with insurance companies. Your insurance provider may conduct its own investigation, and it may deem that you played a role in the accident. There are different reasons that the company might take this approach, including having to get out of paying for the medical expenses that you require before your car accident case is settled.

The Other Driver Didn't Have Insurance

If you're in the difficult position of being in a car accident with someone who wasn't insured, your own insurance company will end up having to pay for your medical care and other injury-related expenses because the other driver lacks an insurance company that can play this role. In this scenario, your own provider will often look for ways to get out of paying. Often, it will offer you a settlement that might seem appealing, but that would likely be far less than you'd get in compensation over time.

The Company Is Hesitant To Pay Out Benefits

Depending on your car insurance company, you may run into a difficult situation in which the provider is not reliable when it comes to paying out your benefits. It may refute some of your claims, may be unreasonably slow in sending your payments, and engage in other dubious business practices that add stress to your life at a time that is already difficult. For each of these challenging situations, a car accident attorney can evaluate whether a lawsuit is the right approach and then move forward accordingly.