Be Careful What You Say And Post During A Car Accident Case

When you say anything that may lead an insurance company to believe that you are admitting fault, the insurance company may use this to deny your claim even if you actually were at fault. Therefore, you will need to be careful regarding what you said about the accident. Anything you say can potentially be misconstrued as an admission of guilt.

Avoid Talking About Your Case to Others

Do not talk about your case to anyone other than your car accident lawyer. Also, be sure that your car accident lawyer is responsible for communicating all information related to your case to insurance adjusters. Especially do not talk to anyone hired by the at-fault driver. Your lawyer is better trained and more experienced in how to avoid making statements that could later lead to you being found at fault for the accident. If the other driver's insurance adjuster wants to talk to you, refer the adjuster to your lawyer.

Don't Jeopardize Your Case with Your Social Media Profile

Insurance adjusters look at social media accounts for evidence that you were responsible for the car accident. As a result, you will want to avoid making any comments on social media about your accident. Also, if you claim to have been injured in the accident, but your social media profile suggests otherwise, this could be used to argue that you were not as injured as you claimed.

Don't Downplay Your Accident

You may also try to put on a brave face and downplay your injuries so your friends and family do not worry about you. Doing so through social media can put your case in jeopardy, so you are better off trying to reassure them through a phone call. If you can avoid social media altogether, you will be less likely to put your case in jeopardy.

Avoid Discussing the Case

If you do write a post, do not make a post about anything regarding the case. Even if you personally know the individual involved in the case, do not post anything about that individual. Do not take any pictures of yourself until the case is over, especially if your case involves an injury.

Tell your lawyer about your social media account and he or she might be able to go over anything that would reflect negatively on your case. Even though you cannot delete posts permanently from the Internet, deleting them will make them more challenging to find.

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