What To Do If You Get Hurt On The Job

If you have a mishap that causes you to become injured on the job, there are steps to take that will ensure you are protected should you find you are not able to return to work. Most people will file for workers' compensation if they find the injury keeps them from doing their job correctly.

Here are some tips you can use when filing for assistance after getting hurt at work and what you should do if compensation is denied:

Gather Information

At the time of the injury, try to get as much information as possible to show what had caused you to get hurt. Take pictures of items that may have contributed to the accident. If the injury occurred over time, take pictures of machinery or conditions that may have led to your demise. If other employees witnessed what had caused you to get hurt, have them available to document what they had seen, if needed.

Get Medical Help

Medical documentation is necessary to prove that you are not able to return to work. As soon as the injury occurs, get medical help and follow instructions given by your doctors very closely. If you fail to take prescribed medication or follow orders given by your doctor, you risk losing workers' compensation. It will look as if you were not as hurt as you claimed and that the reason why you are not able to return to work is because you didn't follow medical orders.

File For Help

If you file for workers' compensation, you will be able to get monetary compensation for lost wages and medical expenses. In some cases you may be able to switch the job you do within your company to something else that will not affect your well-being.

Filing for workers' compensation can be done through your employer. You can try to file online if you feel your employer will be upset, but you risk having them retaliate if you go behind their back to file. It is best to let them know that you are filing so you can come to an agreement about compensation. Mail the forms to your state's workers' compensation board for review.

If your employer does not believe you are hurt enough to not work, they may try to stop you from receiving monetary help. If this happens to you, hire a workers comp attorney to work on your case on your behalf. The case would be looked at by a workers' compensation administrative law judge to see if the decision can be altered.