The Smallest Victims: How Personal Injury Lawyers Help Children And Infants Involved In Car Accidents

Children and infants sustain some of the worst trauma in car accidents because their small bodies and light weight cause them to propel forward with little resistance. Despite the use of car seats, booster seats, safety harnesses and seat belts, children will often have injuries in a car accident and will need emergency medical attention. Even after they have healed physically, the emotional and psychological trauma is still very real to them. In order to provide for all of their medical needs, you will need a personal injury attorney. He or she will seek out the following compensation for your children.

Medical Care for Injuries and Whiplash in Children

Aside from severe bruising and maybe some cuts from crunched metal and shattered glass, children can and do get whiplash. Your personal injury lawyer can help secure funds that will pay for your children's physical therapy, pain medication, and in-home care, if necessary. Your lawyer may also secure funds for chiropractic treatment, since whiplash can cause serious spinal issues in both children and adults after a car accident. Infants may experience whiplash too, but to a lesser degree because of the rear-facing car seats and five-point safety harnesses. Still, chiropractic care on an infant will help, and your lawyer can help all of you get the care you need.

Mental and Emotional Anguish

A car accident is a terrifying event for children. They may be hesitant to ever ride in a car again, or be constantly anxious when other cars come near your vehicle. If they scream and cry and have nightmares because of the accident, you should definitely get them to a child therapist as soon as possible. Although children can be resilient, something this traumatic requires a professional's help to get your children through it. Your lawyer can add the expense of mental and emotional suffering and treatment to your lawsuit.

Ongoing Care

Some children need years of physical, mental and emotional therapy after a car accident. Sometimes the trauma does not show up until later in a child's life. If your child has been severely wounded and/or paralyzed in a car accident, then he or she will need lifelong care. Your personal injury attorney can make sure that the driver who is responsible for your children's injuries pays for ongoing care. If you have missed any days from work because you have been caring for your child and cannot afford in-home nursing care, your lawyer may be able to get you the funds for that as well.