Steps To Take After Being Attacked By A Neighbor's Dog

If you have sustained injuries after being bitten by a neighbor's dog, you may want to press charges to get monetary compensation to pay for the medical treatment for which you already had to pay. Dog bite cases can be a bit tricky to fight as there are no nationwide laws in place protecting victims. Here are some guidelines to follow when pursuing payment for your injuries due to a dog bite.

Get Details

At the time of the attack, get as many details as possible about the incident. Did the dog have restraints such as a collar or broken leash? Were there dog tags on the dog that identified who it belongs to? Was the neighbor aware that their dog was loose? If you are able to snap pictures of the dog or the spot where the incident occurred, do so. If anyone had seen the attack, ask them for their name so they can be used as a witness, if needed. All of this information will be used to prove that owner was negligent in how the incident occurred and what had happened as a result of their negligence.

Get Medical Help

When you go to a doctor or hospital as a result of the injuries you receive, make sure to heed all recommendations given to you in healing properly. Have your doctor give you documentation about your injuries so it can be given to an insurance adjuster or attorney, if needed. Do not try to tend to wounds yourself if you plan on filing a claim for pain and suffering or loss of pay due to inability to work. You will need medical documentation to back up the claim. Waiting to see a doctor can also hurt your chances at compensation.

File A Claim

Most dog bite claims will first go through the neighbor's homeowner's insurance policy. After the incident occurs, you will need to ask your neighbor for this information and file a claim via their insurance company. An insurance adjuster will call or come to your home to ask you questions pertaining to your accident.

If you are under medical care where you are using painkillers that make you feel a little groggy, it is best until you are alert to answer any questions about the attack. Explain this to the adjuster and ask if they could call or come back after you are feeling a little better.

Hire An Attorney

If the insurance adjuster's report shows that you will not receive a settlement for your injuries, you may want to seek further assistance. A personal injury attorney (such as one from Edward J. Achrem & Associates, Ltd.) would be able to guide you through the processes needed to bring the claim into court for further assessment.